Annual Conference – Theme Statement

City on the Hill: The Liberating Power of Core Texts

The past is never dead.  It's not even past.

Indelibly scored into Birmingham’s valleys and hills are testaments of transgression and redemption, of tragedy and triumph.  Gestures of freedom, progress, and enlightenment cast long shadows of injustice.  The city embodies the same dimensionality, complexity, and hard-earned insight of the works of liberal artists.  Core texts—literary, philosophical, political, theological—rejoin across time and place with the all-too-human song of guilt and disorder, of rescue and restoration.

ACTC invites proposals for papers and panels—by thematic content, comparative study, and the spirit of reasoned inquiry—that envision transgression and freedom across a variety of expressions, disciplines, and genres.  Papers and panels pertaining to civility and democratic citizenship, the symbiosis of rural and urban life, as well as Asian texts, texts by women authors, texts in the Native American or Hispanic traditions are welcome — as are topics in any other areas in the spirit of the theme.

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