ACTC exists to provide fora for professors and administrators for professors and administrators to discuss core texts and their curricula. Part of that provision includes ACTC’s support through the Conference and the Liberal Arts Institute for various publications.

  • ACTC selected, peer-reviewed proceedings from the Annual Conference. Only papers presented at the conference are considered for publication. Editors and reviewers are drawn from ACTC membership and reflect the wide range of disciplines and institutions which participate in ACTC’s Annual Conference.
  • ACTC student conference publications. ACTC holds an biennial student conference. The top three, peer-reviewed student papers are published in Lynchburg College’s Agora, an online journal of student writing devoted to great books. Only students whose institution is a member of ACTC may have their papers published in the Agora.
  • The Liberal Arts Institute supports occasional publications. Recently, Bruce Kimball’s The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Documentary History was published in collaboration and with the support of ACTC.
  • Projected Webliography of the Liberal Arts: ACTC is currently developing a webliography of the liberal arts. Institutions which have back files of early and current programs which they would like to see published on this website are encouraged to contact the ACTC Executive Director, J. Scott Lee, at

For further details on these publications, please see the links to the right hand side of this page.